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Hello! I’m André Vega WordPress Developer & SEO Specialist and now I’m living in Canadá.

Freelancer of the web world and WordPress lover for more than 5 years creating custom developments for different clients, founder of Andres Dev y Stooup in my country Colombia, blogger by profession to help our WordPress Community, runner in the city that I am.

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Work Experience

Freelance WordPress Developer 2022 – Present

I have always worked for some companies but I am a freelancer at heart, my career began in 2013 from my university trying to do some work using WordPress, HTML and CSS.

Currently the time I have left after working I enjoy helping WordPress lovers to answer questions from WordPress Forums and some personal projects such as Stooup, Andres Dev also for web developers.

7 ElementsWebDesign 2017 – 2022

As a WordPress web developer I worked for different brands customizing sites in Shopify and WordPress, integrating eCommerce in WooCommerce, implementing new plugins, maintaining and updating the sites from the server.

The use of new technologies such as PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS and SEO Strategies was of vital importance to work in the company.

Ilumno 2018 – 2019

Here I collaborate in the creation of the 100% WordPress LMS for the Innova-t project for all students in Colombia, also make Realcup the association of all Latin American universities using powerful plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields and WordPress

Z Networks Group 2017 – 2018

Basically developing websites in WordPress and eCommerce with WooCommerce, one of the most prominent was Kensington, where in addition to all the Frontend we also created REST-API connections to consume external data.

SuWWWeb S.A.S 2016 – 2017

One of my first experiences working in a web design agency in Bogotá Colombia with more than 1,200 active clients and 3,000 developments at the level of web pages, web design and online marketing.

Provide technical support to all your web pages in WordPress and collaborate in the realization of many of them such as Balones Cosmos and others.


Search Engine Optimization 2020

I have taken many on-page and off-page SEO courses, however, acquiring knowledge from such a prestigious university as UC DAVIS in California helped me improve the concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Mathematical Optimization, Semantics, Social Media, Keyword Research , Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Linkbuilding among other topics.

Software Product Management 2019

In my career as a freelancer, managing clients and projects is an important factor for the success of all things. The University of Alberta in Canada created this specialization where I could learn a little about Software Requirements, Product Management, Scrum, Software Development Process, Software Project Management among other topics.

Architecting with Google Cloud Platform 2019

I improved the knowledge I had about Linux servers to enter the world of the Google cloud with the specialization of Architecting with Google Cloud Platform where I also learned about Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine (GAE), Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Computing , Virtual Machine, Network , Architecture, Debugging, Cloud Storage, Data Store, Load Balancing, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Autoscaling.

Analysis & Development of Information Systems 2017 – 2019

These were formal studies of two years to expand and remind a little more my knowledge in programming, databases and servers. Learning Java and Oracle SQL was one of the challenges in this course, managing the project with the clients was also part of everything learned.

Everyday 2010 – Current

I am a developer that 95% of everything I learn thanks to the internet books, tutorials, research articles, online courses, a lot of Open Source code is freely available on the internet to make use of them and put it into practice, every day I am studying something new to find a solution to problems in my life and my profession.

If you are looking to see more about my formal studies you can visit my profile on Linkedin.

Web & Code


More than 40% (2021) of the entire internet is created on WordPress, if you still don’t know it, it is never too late to learn it. Creating websites, blogs, eCommerce with this CMS is very easy, I can help you with more advanced requirements of this.


HTML is not a programming language as many think, it is a markup language that uses such tags (p, h1, title) to facilitate the creation of web pages and help SEO positioning in search results. HTML is the core to start creating amazing web pages.

Git y Github

I Have version control of the code is easier if we use Git with Github or Bitbucket, we no longer use things like (project-final.pho) and we can have total control of our code, returning to specific points in time if we made any mistakes and allowing us to work as a team more efficiently.


If your web page is not visible in the search results, there is something you are not doing right. With SEO tools such as word structure, link building, social networks, sitemap, robots.txt and others, you can speed up your website to be found easily.


CSS and SASS are the perfect complement to give life and color to your HTML code, SASS gives the possibility to CSS to have variables, mixin, functions and others that with CSS it was impossible to solve now.


Internet was not so cool 😉 if Javascript did not exist, animations, sliders, accordions, and other effects are possible with Javascript and the development of libraries based on it, many of the drop-down menus that you see from your smartphone were created with this .

SEO Tools

Screaming Frog SEO


Yoast SEO


G Search Console

Google Analytics

G My Business (Local SEO)

We already talked about me, now talk about you?

Tell me about that web project in which I can help you!